Men’s Hats

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Mens Fedora Hats

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Wide Brim Hats

Wide brim sun hats are the big and comfortable hats to cool off your head! They are the perfect big hats for your long-awaited summer vacation, whether in the tropical islands or during a hot and sunny typical day. The material is made of a paper braid. This wide brim sun hat is 22 inch […]

Straw Sun Hats

One of the great looking straw sun hats is available. Made in Ecuador, it protects you from the sun. As it can filter UV rays from reaching your facial areas. The brim is solid so that sun rays cannot go through. Size of this straw sun hat is 3 inches. Both the band and chin […]

Straw Golf Hats

When going for golf trips at your favorite country club, get a straw golf hat. These straw golf hats are styled in the gambler vented type. The quality is of the ultrafino standard. The brim size is 3 and a quarter inches in width. This provides you protection from the sun rays and blocks UV, […]

Toddler Sun Hats

Cute toddler sun hats come with many features. Its brim is sloped downwards and cover the whole face of your kid. Furthermore, its hat veil covers the neck for your toddler’s back. There is also the chin strap to safely keep the hat from flying off in case there’s strong wind nearby! Even more, it […]