Men’s Hats

 Only For Real Men

They protect your head from the harsh sun rays and makes you look and feel cool at the same time while doing so.

Features of Men’s Summer Hats
They are often made from (Panama) straw and “Fedora”. More often than not, they come in brown colors. Otherwise, you can have a black or white selection, especially for the fedora hats.

These hats look very western. If you are wearing one, it’s no surprise if people mistakenly think you are from Texas itself because it very much looks like a cowboy hat.

Difference between caps and hats
Hats have brims. The brim is the extruding part that covers your face and neck all around.

Caps don’t have brims. Instead, they only have one long protruding front that only covers part of your face.

Benefits of Wearing These Summer Hats
Protection against sun
Did you know that 70% of your body heat can escape through your head alone? As a side note, this is why soldiers always cover their head with their shirts, especially in the desert. When you’re wearing your summer hat, you don’t risk getting dehydration problem due to the sun. Why? Your hat and its brim protects you, remember?

Also, did you know that skin cancer is caused mostly because of excessive exposure to UV rays (sun)? Not to mention other skin conditions like melasma and eczema, which can also be caused by prolonged sun exposure. The sun also accelerates the aging process too.

A viable solution between looking formal and trendy
If ever have to attend an important business meeting in the middle of the hot summer afternoon (outdoor), then you know your men’s summer hat can save you. Of all clothing accessories, the summer hat is your best bet to strike a good balance between “we mean business” and the flamboyant side of your charismatic fashion style.

Extra Men’s Summer Hats Tips
Before you buy summer hats, be sure to also purchase sunscreens. You can find sunscreen at any local pharmacies nearby. The usage of sunscreen if paired with your summer hat is best preferred for maximum sun protection.

When in doubt, always go for fedora hats. This is because the “fur” or texture of the hat is not as coarse/rough as the original summer hat look. It has the elegance factor to it too.

Price can range from low to high, depending on brands. Certain hat makers have been known to price their outdoor summer hats at a staggering $1000 each too. However, not all men’s summer hats are like that. The majority is very much affordable.

For maximum comfort, it is recommended that you buy summer hats that are made from leather. The contact between skin and leather is always a more comfortable option.